Concept Development

Our strategy is to drive Private Label growth in our sectors throughout Europe and into developing and emerging markets through product innovation, improving customer service and quality, and by better leveraging our scale in procurement and operational efficiency. We will continue to focus on a number of core product categories which we believe offer the best growth prospects, and to examine opportunities to expand our geographic reach.


We have created our own drinks range under the Appy Food and Drink Co brand. The Appy brand has a licensing agreement with Nickelodeon to use their most popular cartoon characters to front a healthy, and enjoyable, children’s fruit juice range, which is presented in 21st Century interactive augmented reality packaging.


EPOiPO is able to develop a concept from initial idea right through to the manufacturing of the product. Similarly to our Appy juice range, we can guide your brand through every step of producing your own individual product. We offer a full brand management service: from the use of licenses and sourcing of leading edge ingredients, through to the development of innovative packaging and marketing of your product and brand.


Our team of hands on experts can lend their knowledge and invaluable connections to ensure your new product exceeds expectations and stands out on the shelves. EPOiPO also has the tools to add extra value to your product offering through the development of mobile phone apps to enhance consumer interaction and engagement with your brand.



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