Product Sourcing


EPOiPO’s network of procurement and distribution gives your brand the upper hand when it comes to purchasing quality drinks for resale in your own outlets, at the lowest prices. We can also put you in touch with dedicated private label drink manufacturers, with which we have established relationships, so that you may devise your own custom drink recipes. We will work alongside chosen manufacturers to ensure all recipes meet guidelines, specifications and any applicable statutory requirements to ensure the process is a success.


EPOiPO’s experience in the procurement of products also extends to sourcing the highest quality catering supplies for clients and resellers. All goods sourced by us come from longstanding trusted suppliers, and undergo stringent quality controls to affirm their value and suitability for our clients. We will only source products that adhere to various British and international standards such as ISO 9000, FSC and SGS.


For your peace of mind and the protection of our clients, EPOiPO carefully screens all would-be suppliers to ensure they meet our criteria:

          Suppliers must commit to the same high standards and strict quality controls as us

          They must continue to progress with improved technological manufacturing processes

          Should be amenable to regular inspections to ensure they maintain fair working conditions

          And need to be compliant with local and international health & safety laws and ethical rules


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