Shopper Marketing


EPOiPO understands the importance of shopper marketing and your brand’s need to create a social media offering which can be integrated into your existing shopper marketing activities, to drive in store and online sales.


Whilst our objective is to increase social media awareness of your brand via advocacy of trusted influencers – thus driving in store and online conversion via distribution of tracked incentives, we also take on board the audience needs for peer advice and recommendation to assist with decision making.


Social shopper marketing is becoming increasingly valuable as more people are becoming less influenced by impulse buying – with only 20% of supermarket shoppers buying unplanned, customers are enticed by money saving opportunities, and easy and efficient access via technology integration.


Social media is becoming more trusted than traditional media sources, with most shoppers now being influenced by independent recommendations and opinions more than by advertising or content.


Benefits of the influence network:

1.      We can identify the best influencer network for the specific brand’s customer demographic

2.      Flexibility to pay influencers on pre-determined results

3.      Influence purchasing decisions of selected brands through live recommendations

4.      Reports on brand activity with tracking from engagement through to final redemption


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