EPOiPO is in the position to create a complete marketing and PR brand strategy to develop your brand and let it command the attention it deserves. Our team of creatives will also investigate the brand licensing options available to you, matching a licence that will offer a suitable partnership with your product lines to increase your brand’s exposure from the launch, and thus ensure you enter the market with maximum impact.


Our creative team’s passion and vision leads EPOiPO in our development of new strategies to drive new product launches to market. We get to know every brand that we work with to ensure that their individual identity and ethos is fully represented. Our dynamic marketing team is always innovative and eager to fully explore technological advancements within the sector to bring new ideas to the table, and produce leading edge designs that will stand out in the market place.


EPOiPO’s recipe for success involves understanding our clients’ business goals and needs, recognising market trends early, and having well connected dedicated team players who can successfully meet those requirements.

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