Minds Delight – Brlliant German Site , with German efficiency in thought

Toy Cutter – the only place to know to clutter your mind creativley

Neave TV – Totally Awsome channel!

Super Rad Toys -Genius Designer from LA who is the talk of the Sunshine State for his Gosho Doll creations!

Beautiful/Decay – Art and design publication showcasing emerging and established contemporary artists.

NOTCOT – A visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements.

Cool Hunting – Architecture, design, art, film, exhibitions…. Another great resource site.

Groove Effect – Style, music and events.

Geekologie – A geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of Gadgets, Gizmos amd Awesome.

io9 – Strung out on Science Fiction. Breaking news and weekly top stories.

Brickfrenzy – Created in August of 2000, Brickfrenzy publishes the Lego creations of Adrian Drake. Lego masterpieces.

Frank Kozik – Enter the Mind of Frank Kozik, the farther of querky arts

Love is…comic strip collection. Site for love fans. Funny Love is… pictures and love quotes.

Feric – Born and raised in Taiwan, Eric Feng who is also known as Feric is a creative artist, & designer.

ArtWeen Gallery– Check out some fantastic independent artists from all over the world

Retro Gaming – Retro Gaming, to rekindle your love for all things old skool

Kayne West University – Learn from the school of street knowledge

Happy Tree Friends – wacky grusome and makes south park look tame ! but they are so adorable !

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